Full Load Current (I): Amperes


The Full Load Current Calculator is a simple web tool designed to assist engineers and technicians in the field of electrical engineering. It helps calculate the full load current (I) of an electrical system, an essential parameter for proper equipment sizing and system design. This calculator utilizes the formula I = P / (V * √3), where “I” represents full load current, “P” represents power in watts (W), and “V” represents voltage in volts (V). Understanding and using this calculator is crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of electrical systems.

Formula For Full Load Current Calculator:

I = P / (V * √3)

“I” (Full Load Current): The current that flows through an electrical circuit when the equipment connected to it operates at full load capacity. It is measured in amperes (A).

“P” (Power): The electrical power consumed by the equipment in watts (W).

“V” (Voltage): The electrical potential difference applied to the equipment in volts (V).

“√3” (Square Root of 3): Represents the square root of three, which is a constant value used in three-phase electrical systems to account for the phase difference.

How Full Load Current Calculator works:

Input Fields:

Voltage (V):

Input the voltage supplied to the electrical system.

Power (P):

Input the power consumption of the equipment.


Enter the voltage (V) in volts (V) into the “Voltage” input field.

Enter the power (P) in watts (W) into the “Power” input field.

Click the “Calculate” button.


Upon clicking the “Calculate” button, the calculator applies the formula I = P / (V * √3) to determine the full load current (I).


The calculated full load current (I) is displayed in amperes (A) below the input fields, providing you with the crucial information needed for proper equipment selection and system design.

Cases In which Full Load Current Calculator :

Electrical engineers, technicians, and professionals can use this calculator to ensure that electrical equipment operates within its specified current rating, preventing overloads and potential equipment damage.


The Full Load Current Calculator is a valuable tool for anyone working with electrical systems. By inputting voltage and power values, users can quickly and accurately determine the full load current, helping ensure the safe and efficient operation of electrical equipment and systems. Understanding this fundamental calculation is essential for proper electrical design and maintenance.

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