Military Time Converter

This simple web page allows you to convert civilian time (in the format HH:mm AM/PM) to military time. The interface is user-friendly, featuring a clean design with enhanced styling for a pleasant experience.

How it Works

  1. Enter Civilian Time:
    • Input the time in the format HH:mm AM/PM in the designated text box.
  2. Click Convert:
    • Press the “Convert” button to trigger the conversion process.
  3. View Military Time:
    • The converted military time will be displayed below the button.

The formula for Conversion Miltary Time:

The conversion is done using JavaScript, utilizing the toLocaleTimeString function. The entered civilian time is combined with a reference date, and the resulting time is formatted in the ‘2-digit’ hour and minute format.

javascriptCopy code

function toMilitaryTime(civilianTime) { var date = new Date('2000-01-01 ' + civilianTime); var militaryTime = date.toLocaleTimeString('en-US', {hour: '2-digit', minute: '2-digit'}); return militaryTime; }

Feel free to use this Military Time Converter for quick and easy time format conversions!

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