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The RPM to GPM calculator is a web-based tool designed to convert the number of revolutions per minute (RPM) of a rotating device into an equivalent flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM). This conversion is particularly useful in various industrial and engineering applications where the rotational speed of a machine needs to be translated into a measure of fluid flow.


  1. RPM Input: Users are required to input the RPM value into the provided input field. This value represents the number of complete revolutions the device makes in one minute.

Conversion Formula Of Rev To Gpm:

The calculator uses a simple conversion formula to translate RPM into GPM. The formula is as follows:

GPM (Gallons per Minute) = RPM × Conversion Factor

Explanation of the Rev To Gpm Formula:

RPM (Revolutions per Minute):

This is the user-provided input, representing the rotational speed of the device in revolutions completed per minute.

Conversion Factor:

The conversion factor is a constant value that relates RPM to GPM and depends on the specific application and equipment. In the example code provided earlier, the conversion factor was assumed to be 0.1. However, in practice, this factor varies depending on the characteristics of the device and the fluid being measured. Users should replace this value with the appropriate factor for their specific situation.


Once the user inputs an RPM value and clicks the “Calculate” button, the calculator performs the following steps:

  • It retrieves the RPM value from the input field.
  • It multiplies the RPM value by the conversion factor to calculate the equivalent GPM.
  • The result is then displayed on the web page in a clear and user-friendly format, typically including the label “GPM (Gallons per Minute)” followed by the calculated GPM value. The result is usually rounded to a specific number of decimal places for readability.

Conclusion From Rev To Gpm Calculator:

In summary, the RPM to GPM calculator provides a convenient way to convert the rotational speed of a machine into a flow rate measurement, which is especially useful in industries where fluid flow needs to be monitored or controlled.

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