The Streaming Revenue Calculator is a web-based tool designed to help users calculate the total revenue generated from streaming services based on the number of streams and subscription price. Streaming platforms, such as music or video streaming services, often generate revenue through monthly subscriptions. This calculator simplifies the process of estimating potential revenue.

How Streaming Revenue Calculator Works:

Number of Streams:

  • In the “Number of Streams” field, users input the number of subscribers or streams they have on their streaming platform.

Subscription Price:

  • In the “Subscription Price ($)” field, users input the monthly subscription price for their service.

Calculate Button:

  • After filling in both fields, users click the “Calculate” button.

Streaming Revenue Calculation Formula:

Upon clicking “Calculate,” the code embedded in the calculator performs the following calculation:

Total Revenue = Number of Streams × Subscription Price

This formula multiplies the number of streams by the subscription price to determine the total revenue generated from the streaming service.

Display Result:

  • The calculated total revenue is displayed below the form in the “Total Revenue” section, denoted in dollars ($).

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