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Introduction To Return On Solar Penal Calculator:

The Return on Solar Panel Calculator is a tool designed to help individuals and businesses determine the financial feasibility of investing in solar panels for generating electricity. Solar panels are an environmentally friendly and sustainable source of energy, and this calculator assists users in understanding the return on investment (ROI) associated with solar panel installations.

Formula For Return On Solar Penal Calculator:

Total Power Required (kW) = Daily Electricity Usage (kWh) / Average Sunlight Hours per Day Solar Panel Size (kW) = Total Power Required (kW) / (Solar Panel Efficiency (%) / 100)

The “Total Power Required” represents the amount of electricity needed to meet daily consumption, while “Solar Panel Size” indicates the size of the solar panel array required to produce that electricity.

Working Of The Return On Solar Penal Calculator:

Input Parameters:

Users are required to input the following parameters into the calculator:

Daily Electricity Usage (kWh)

This is the average amount of electricity consumed on a daily basis, typically measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Average Sunlight Hours per Day

This parameter represents the average number of hours per day that the solar panels receive sunlight and can generate electricity.

Solar Panel Efficiency (%)

The efficiency of solar panels varies, and users should input the efficiency percentage of the specific panels they intend to use.


The calculator employs the following formula to determine the required solar panel size:


Upon submitting the input data, the calculator performs the calculations and displays the result. The result provides users with the recommended size of the solar panel system necessary to meet their electricity needs.


The Return on Solar Panel Calculator is a valuable tool for individuals and businesses considering a transition to solar energy. By inputting daily electricity usage, average sunlight hours, and solar panel efficiency, users can quickly estimate the size of the solar panel system required to meet their energy demands. This information is essential for understanding the financial and environmental benefits of investing in solar technology.

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