Ripple Current: A

Introduction To Ripple Current Calculator:

The Ripple Current Calculator is a tool designed to determine the ripple current in a rectifier circuit’s capacitor. Ripple current is a crucial parameter to consider when designing power supply systems. It represents the fluctuation in current within a circuit, which can impact the capacitor’s lifespan and overall circuit performance.

Formula For Ripple Current Calculator:

The calculator employs the following formula to calculate ripple current (I<sub>r</sub>):

I= I* (1 - e^(-V / (C * f))) / f


  • r: Ripple Current (Amps)
  • load: Load Current (Amps)
  • V: Input Voltage (Volts)
  • C: Capacitance (Farads)
  • f: Frequency (Hertz)

How Ripple Current Calculator Works:

Input Values:

Input Voltage (V):

Enter the voltage applied to the circuit.

Load Current (A):

Provide the load current of the circuit.

Frequency (Hz):

Specify the operating frequency of the circuit.

Capacitance (F):

Input the capacitance of the capacitor.

Click “Calculate”:

After entering these values, click the “Calculate” button.


The calculator will then compute the ripple current based on the given inputs.

Ripple Current (I):

The result is displayed as the ripple current in Amperes (A).


The Ripple Current Calculator is a valuable tool for engineers and designers working on power supply circuits. It helps them understand and quantify the ripple current in a rectifier circuit’s capacitor. By inputting the circuit’s parameters, such as load current, voltage, frequency, and capacitance, the calculator provides a quick and accurate estimate of the ripple current. This information is crucial for selecting the appropriate capacitor and ensuring the stability and reliability of the power supply system.

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