Projected Church Size


The Church Growth Calculator is a web-based tool designed to help church leaders estimate the future size of their congregation based on the current number of members and an annual growth rate. This tool assists churches in planning for the future and setting realistic goals for expansion.

How Church Growth Calculator Works:

Input Data:

Current Number of Members:

Users are required to enter the current number of members in their church.

Annual Growth Rate (%):

Users need to provide the expected annual growth rate as a percentage. This rate represents the anticipated increase in membership each year.


Upon clicking the “Calculate” button, the JavaScript code embedded in the webpage calculates the projected church size using the compound interest formula.

Formula For Calculating Church Growth Calculator :

The formula used for calculating the projected church size is based on compound interest:

Future Size = Current Size * (1 + Growth Rate/100)^Number of Years Where:

Future Size:

The projected size of the church after a certain number of years.

Current Size:

The current number of church members.

Growth Rate:

The annual growth rate as a percentage.

Number of Years:

The number of years into the future for which the projection is made (defaulted to 10 years in this example).

Display Result:

After performing the calculation, the tool displays the projected church size in a clear and prominent manner below the form.


The Church Growth Calculator is a valuable tool for church leaders and administrators to plan for the future and set realistic growth targets. By entering the current number of members and the expected annual growth rate, users can quickly estimate the size of their congregation in a specified number of years. This information can assist in making informed decisions about church programs, facilities, and outreach efforts to accommodate the expected growth in membership.

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