Enter the weight lifted and the number of repetitions to estimate your 1RM for deadlift.

Introduction to Deadlift Calculator:

The Deadlift Calculator is a tool used by weightlifters, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts to estimate their one-repetition maximum (1RM) for the deadlift exercise. The deadlift is a compound strength training exercise that involves lifting a loaded barbell from the ground to hip level, targeting multiple muscle groups, including the lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and core. Calculating the 1RM helps individuals determine their maximum lifting capacity and adjust their training programs accordingly.

Working of Deadlift Calculator:

Input Parameters:

The Deadlift Calculator typically requires the user to input their performance data, such as the weight lifted and the number of repetitions completed at that weight.

1RM Estimation Formula:

The most common formula used in Deadlift Calculators is the Epley Formula or similar formulas (such as Brzycki, Lander, Lombardi, etc.) to estimate the 1RM based on the input data.


Once the necessary data is entered, the Deadlift Calculator computes and displays an estimated 1RM, which represents the maximum weight an individual should be able to lift for a single repetition based on the provided information.

Formula For Deadlift Calculator:

The Epley Formula is widely used and is as follows:

1RM=Weight lifted×(1+Number of repetitions30)1RM=Weight lifted×(1+30Number of repetitions​)This formula estimates the 1RM by considering the weight lifted and the number of repetitions performed at that weight.


The Deadlift Calculator is a valuable tool for weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts, providing an estimated one-repetition maximum for the deadlift exercise. By inputting the weight lifted and the number of repetitions completed, users can quickly determine their potential maximum lifting capacity without actually attempting a true 1RM lift. This information helps in designing personalized and effective training programs by establishing appropriate intensity levels for strength training.

In summary, the Deadlift Calculator streamlines the process of estimating 1RM, allowing individuals to optimize their workouts, track progress, and set realistic training goals for improving strength and performance in deadlifts.

Remember, while calculators provide estimates, actual capabilities can vary due to factors like fatigue, form, and individual differences in strength and muscle recruitment.

Always prioritize safety and proper form when performing strength exercises like the deadlift, and consider consulting a fitness professional for personalized guidance.

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