Roof Pitch Calculator

Introduction To Roof Pitch Calculator:

A roof pitch calculator is a tool used in construction and architecture to determine the angle, slope, or pitch of a roof. The pitch of a roof is crucial in the design and construction process as it affects factors like water runoff, structural integrity, and the overall aesthetics of a building. This calculator simplifies the process of determining the roof pitch by providing accurate measurements based on various inputs.

Formula For Roof Pitch Calculator:

The most common formula used in the roof pitch calculator is: Pitch=RiseRunPitch=RunRise​

Alternatively, the pitch in degrees can be calculated using the formula: Pitch (in degrees)=arctan⁡(RiseRun)×180 Pitch (in degrees)=arctan(RunRise​)×π180​

Working Of Roof Pitch Calculator:

Input Parameters:

Enter the values for “Run” and “Rise” or directly input the pitch in degrees if the calculator supports this option.


The calculator applies the provided formula to determine the roof pitch.

Output Display:

The calculated pitch is displayed, typically in both ratio form (e.g., 4:12) and degrees.


Users can interpret the results to understand the slope of the roof and make informed decisions during construction or renovation projects.


Pitch in Ratio:

The pitch is often represented as a ratio (e.g., 4:12, 6:12, etc.).

Pitch in Degrees:

The pitch can also be expressed in degrees for precise measurement.


A roof pitch calculator is a valuable tool that simplifies the determination of roof angles or pitches. By inputting specific measurements or angles, users can quickly obtain accurate results, represented either in ratio or degrees, aiding in the planning and execution of construction projects.

Understanding the pitch of a roof is essential for ensuring proper drainage, structural stability, and aesthetic appeal, making the roof pitch calculator an indispensable asset in the construction industry.

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