Earth Pressure Coefficient (K):

Introduction To Earth Pressure Coefficient

The Earth Pressure Coefficient Calculator is a web-based tool designed to assist engineers and geotechnical professionals in calculating the Earth Pressure Coefficient (K) for soil retaining structures. This coefficient is essential for evaluating the lateral earth pressure exerted on retaining walls and helps in designing safe and stable structures.

Formula For Earth Pressure Coefficient Calculator:

The Earth Pressure Coefficient (K) is calculated using the following formula:

K = tan[(π/4) + (ϕ/2)] / tan[(π/4) + (δ/2)]


  • K: Earth Pressure Coefficient
  • ϕ: Angle of Internal Friction of the soil (in degrees)
  • δ: Wall Friction Angle of the retaining wall material (in degrees)

Working of the Earth Pressure Coefficient Calculator:

Input Parameters:

The user provides the following information in the input fields:

Angle of Internal Friction (ϕ):

This is the angle at which the soil can resist shear failure.

Wall Friction Angle (δ):

The angle of friction between the retaining wall and the soil.

Cohesion (c):

The cohesive strength of the soil (optional, if the soil is cohesive).


When the user clicks the “Calculate” button, the calculate Coefficient() is triggered.

The provided input values are converted to radians (as required by the formula) for calculation.

The formula for K is applied using the provided values, and the result is calculated.


The Earth Pressure Coefficient (K) is displayed below the “Calculate” button.


This calculator is a user-friendly application that allows users to input three key parameters: the Angle of Internal Friction (ϕ) of the soil, the Wall Friction Angle (δ) of the retaining wall material, and the Cohesion (c) of the soil. After inputting these values, the calculator provides the Earth Pressure Coefficient (K), a critical factor in geotechnical engineering.

In summary, this calculator simplifies the complex calculation of the Earth Pressure Coefficient, which is crucial for the design and analysis of retaining walls, ensuring their stability and safety in geotechnical engineering projects. Users can input the relevant soil and wall properties, and the calculator quickly provides the calculated Earth Pressure Coefficient, aiding in engineering decision-making.

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