Calculate the weight of a PTFE rod based on its dimensions:

Introduction To PTFE Rod Weight Calculator:

The PTFE Rod Weight Calculator is a useful tool that enables you to quickly determine the weight of a Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) rod based on its dimensions. PTFE is a versatile plastic known for its non-stick and low-friction properties, and calculating the weight of a rod is essential for various engineering and industrial applications. This calculator simplifies the process, allowing users to input the rod’s diameter and length and obtain the weight in grams.

Working of the PTFE Rod Weight Calculator:

Input Section:

Diameter (in millimeters):

Users are required to enter the diameter of the PTFE rod in millimeters. The diameter represents the width or thickness of the rod.

Length (in meters):

Users should input the length of the PTFE rod in meters. The length represents how long the rod is.


Upon submitting the form, within the calculator performs the following calculations:

It retrieves the diameter and length input values.

The density of PTFE, which is assumed to be 2.2 grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm³), is used in the formula.

Formula For PTFE Rod Weight Calculator:

The formula used to calculate the weight is as follows:s

code Weight (grams) = Density (g/cm³) x π x (Diameter/10)² x (Length * 100)

Density is the density of PTFE in g/cm³.

π is a mathematical constant (approximately 3.14159).

Diameter/10 converts the diameter from millimeters to centimeters.

Length * 100 converts the length from meters to centimeters.

Result Display:

The result of the weight calculation is displayed in grams and shown as “The weight of the PTFE rod is approximately [calculated weight] grams.”


The PTFE Rod Weight Calculator is a valuable tool for engineers, designers, and anyone working with PTFE rods. It simplifies the process of calculating the weight of a PTFE rod, which is essential for various applications where precision is required. By inputting the rod’s diameter and length, users can quickly obtain an accurate weight measurement, aiding in material selection and project planning.

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