Gold Weight Calculator

Gold Weight Calculator

This is a simple web-based Gold Weight Calculator that allows you to estimate the value of gold based on its weight and purity percentage.

How to Use Gold Weight Calculator:

  1. Gold Weight (grams): Enter the weight of your gold in grams.
  2. Gold Purity (%): Input the purity percentage of your gold.

After entering the required information, click the “Calculate Value” button to get an estimate of the gold’s value.

Formula Used in Gold Weight:

The formula for calculating the gold value is:

Gold Value=(Gold Weight×Gold Purity100)×Gold Price per GramGold Value=(100Gold Weight×Gold Purity​)×Gold Price per Gram

In this calculator, the assumed gold price per gram is $50. You can adjust this value in the JavaScript code based on the current market rates.

Example for Gold Weight:

Suppose you have 10 grams of gold with a purity of 85%. The calculation would be:

Gold Value=(10×85100)×50Gold Value=(10010×85​)×50

Resulting in an estimated gold value displayed below the form.

Feel free to customize the calculator and its styles based on your specific requirements.

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