Power Density: Watts per square meter

Introduction To Laser Power Density Calculator:

The Laser Power Density Calculator is a web-based tool designed to calculate the power density of a laser beam. Power density, measured in Watts per square meter (W/m²), is a crucial parameter when working with lasers in various fields, including manufacturing, medicine, and research. This calculator allows users to determine the power density by inputting the laser power and beam area. In this description, we will walk through how this calculator works, providing the formula, and summarizing its functionality.

How Laser Power Density Calculator Works:

Input Fields:

Laser Power (Watts):

Users enter the power of the laser beam in watts (W).

Beam Area (square meters):

Users input the effective area over which the laser beam is distributed, measured in square meters (m²).


  • Upon entering the required values, users click the “Calculate Power Density” button.
  • JavaScript computes the power density using the following formula:

Display Result:

  • The calculated power density is displayed in real-time below the input fields.

Formula For Power Density Calculator:

The formula used to calculate laser power density is as follows:

Power Density (W/m²) = Laser Power (W) / Beam Area (m²)


The Laser Power Density Calculator is a valuable tool for professionals working with lasers. It simplifies the process of calculating power density, providing a quick and accurate result. Users can input their laser’s power and the corresponding beam area to obtain the power density in Watts per square meter, helping them ensure the safe and effective use of lasers in various applications.

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