Introduction To Manure Application Rate Calculator:

The Manure Application Rate Calculator is a web-based tool designed to assist farmers and agricultural professionals in determining the appropriate rate at which manure should be applied to a field based on its size, nutrient content, and recommended application rate. Proper manure application is essential for maximizing crop yields while minimizing the risk of nutrient runoff and environmental pollution.

Working of the Manure Application Rate Calculator:

Input Fields:

Field Size (acres):

Enter the size of the field in acres where you plan to apply manure.

Nutrient Content (lbs/ton):

Specify the nutrient content of the manure in pounds per ton.

Recommended Application Rate (lbs/acre):

Input the recommended application rate in pounds per acre.


When the “Calculate” button is clicked, this function calculateRate() is triggered.

The calculator performs the following calculations:

  • It multiplies the recommended application rate by the field size.
  • Then, it divides the result by the nutrient content to obtain the manure application rate in tons per acre.
  • The result is displayed on the web page.

Formula For Manure Application Rate Calculator:

The formula used for calculating the manure application rate is as follows:

Manure Application Rate (tons/acre) = (Recommended Application Rate (lbs/acre) * Field Size (acres)) / Nutrient Content (lbs/ton)


The Manure Application Rate Calculator simplifies the process of determining the optimal manure application rate for a given field. By providing information about the field size, nutrient content of the manure, and recommended application rate, the calculator calculates the manure application rate in tons per acre. This tool can help agricultural professionals make informed decisions to ensure efficient nutrient utilization in agriculture, reduce waste, and mitigate environmental impact. Proper manure application rates are crucial for sustainable and responsible farming practices.

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