Introduction To Midface Ratio Calculator:

The Midface Ratio Calculator is a web-based tool designed to assist in the calculation of the midface ratio, an important facial proportion in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. The midface ratio is used to evaluate the balance and harmony of facial features, particularly the relationship between the upper face and the midface. This calculator simplifies the process by allowing users to input specific measurements and obtain the midface ratio instantly.

Formula For Midface Ratio Calculator:

Certainly, the formula for calculating the midface ratio is:

Midface Ratio = Midface Height (mm) / Upper Face Height (mm)

The midface ratio is calculated by dividing the midface height, measured in millimeters, by the upper face height, also measured in millimeters. This ratio provides insight into the balance and proportion of the midface in relation to the upper face, which is crucial for facial aesthetics and surgical or cosmetic procedures.

Working of the Midface Ratio Calculator:

Gather Measurements:

The user is required to measure two key facial dimensions: the Upper Face Height (measured in millimeters) and the Midface Height (also measured in millimeters). These measurements can be obtained using calipers or similar tools.

Input Measurements:

In the Midface Ratio Calculator, there are two input fields provided for the user to enter these measurements. The Upper Face Height input and the Midface Height input fields accept numerical values.

Calculate Midface Ratio:

After inputting the measurements, the user can click the “Calculate Midface Ratio” button. The calculator uses the formula mentioned earlier to perform the calculation.

Display Result:

The midface ratio is calculated, and the result is displayed below the form in the “Midface Ratio” section. The result is presented with two decimal places for precision.

The midface ratio is a valuable reference point for assessing facial aesthetics and planning surgical or non-surgical procedures to enhance facial balance. Users can adjust measurements and recalculate the ratio as needed to evaluate the potential impact of interventions on their facial proportions.


The midface ratio is a critical parameter in facial aesthetics and is frequently used by plastic surgeons and cosmetic practitioners. It provides insight into the balance of the upper and midface proportions, which is essential in facial harmony and attractiveness.

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