Introduction To Molar Mass Calculator:

The Molar Mass Calculator is a web-based tool designed to determine the molar mass of a chemical compound based on its chemical formula. Molar mass is a crucial concept in chemistry, representing the mass of one mole of a given substance. This calculator simplifies the process of calculating molar mass, providing a convenient solution for students, researchers, and professionals in the field of chemistry.

Formula For Molar Mass Calculator:

The molar mass (M) of a compound is calculated by summing the atomic masses of all the elements present in the chemical formula, each multiplied by their respective subscript indicating the number of atoms.



  • M is the molar mass,
  • ni​ is the subscript representing the number of atoms of element i,
  • mi​ is the atomic mass of element i.

Working Of The Molar Mass Calculator:


Users enter the chemical formula of the compound into the designated input field.

The chemical formula can include elemental symbols (e.g., H, C, O) and numerical subscripts representing the number of atoms for each element.

Button Click Event:

Upon clicking the "Calculate" button, the function calculate Molar Mass() is triggered.

Molar Mass Calculation:

This function parses the input chemical formula and retrieves the atomic masses of each element from a predefined set.

It calculates the molar mass by summing the products of the element's atomic mass and the number of atoms indicated by the subscript.

Display Result:

The calculated molar mass is then displayed on the webpage, providing users with the result in grams per mole (g/mol).

Any errors, such as invalid element symbols, are logged to the console for debugging purposes.


The Molar Mass Calculator streamlines the process of determining the molar mass of a compound, making it a valuable tool for chemistry enthusiasts. It leverages a straightforward formula to compute molar mass, providing a quick and accessible solution for various educational and professional scenarios. Users can input chemical formulas, click the "Calculate" button, and receive accurate molar mass results, facilitating their understanding of chemical compositions and properties.

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