Introduction to Motor Winding Resistance Calculator:

The Motor Winding Resistance Calculator is a tool used to determine the electrical resistance of the winding in the stator (or armature) of an electric motor. This calculator is particularly useful in various electrical and engineering applications, including motor design, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Working of the Motor Winding Resistance Calculator:

Input Parameters:

Supply Voltage (V):

The user enters the supply voltage, typically in volts (V), which represents the voltage applied to the motor terminals.

Operating Current (A):

The user inputs the operating current, typically in amperes (A), which is the current drawn by the motor during operation.

Calculation of Winding Resistance (Ohms):

When the user enters the supply voltage and operating current and clicks the “Calculate” button,

Ohm’s Law and Formula For winding Resistance:

According to Ohm’s Law, resistance (R) is equal to voltage (V) divided by current


Winding Resistance (R) = Supply Voltage (V) / Operating Current (I)

R is the winding resistance in ohms (Ω).

V is the supply voltage in volts (V).

I is the operating current in amperes (A).

Display the Result:

The calculated motor winding resistance is displayed in the “Winding Resistance” input field, typically in ohms (Ω).

Users can then use this resistance value for various motor-related calculations and diagnostics.

Cases In Which Motor Winding Resistance Calculator Used:

Motor Efficiency Analysis:

Engineers and maintenance technicians can use this calculator to assess the efficiency of a motor by comparing the calculated winding resistance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Motor Performance Evaluation:

Determining the winding resistance helps evaluate the health of a motor. An unusually high or low resistance value can indicate issues like winding damage or contamination.

Motor Design:

Motor designers use the winding resistance to optimize motor performance and efficiency during the design phase.


When a motor is not operating correctly, the calculator can help diagnose electrical problems by identifying deviations from expected resistance values.


In summary, the Motor Winding Resistance Calculator provides a quick and essential tool for assessing the electrical characteristics of an electric motor’s winding. It relies on Ohm’s Law to calculate the winding resistance based on user-input supply voltage and operating current, aiding in motor maintenance, troubleshooting, and design processes.

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